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Why should we invest in Niagara?

Posted by TheRealtyBulls Canada on May 28, 2014

Niagara Falls is one of the unique places to live, buy real estate, and visit in Canada. Tourism is still the driving force of the economy, but more and more people want to buy homes or live here, and here’s why.

  • A growing housing market

Niagara is the fourth-best small city to live in Canada. It’s close to Toronto, and you pay less for real estate than in the highly competitive Greater Toronto Area.

The city’s highway access is excellent, and its two gateways to the U.S. -the Queenston–Lewiston and Rainbow bridges boost economic activity.

Demand for real estate is steadily increasing as the population explodes. That means that you will likely see a high return on investment if you decide to sell.

Statistics also show it is among the top 5 places to buy real estate in Canada out of 35 hot spots for investment. 

Condo prices continue to rise as more people seek housing near Toronto. 

As of 31st Dec 2021, the benchmark price for a home was $720,200.

  • Vibrant tourism and guaranteed rental income

The tourism industry and the growing population assure you of a consistent rental income should you rent the property. 

Niagara is a preferred location for renters due to its proximity to the airport and quick entry to the U.S. without the hassle of driving for long hours.

It also has beautiful scenery, and we give you proximity details below.

  • Why should you buy a preconstruction home in Saffron Estates, Niagara?

If you’re looking to buy a home, we’d love to show you why you should invest in Saffron Estates.

Saffron Estates Homes by Mountainview Building Group is a Master Planned Community located in the heart of Fonthill in the Town of Pelham.

Mountain View Building Group is a reputable developer with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. So you can be assured that there will be no cancellations and that they’ll see the project through to completion.

We want you to be in on the prime properties that keep selling. Those upgrades will make a buyer pay $20 to $40 more than the market price to secure your home with all its unique features.

You get platinum pricing VIP, floor plans, first access to the best available units, and capped development fees and assignments. The nine ′ ceiling height for single homes, townhomes, and duplexes is guaranteed.

Other features, such as a walk-out basement, corner lots, ravine lots, a deck, or a unit with parking, are available without competition. You’ll get first access.

  • The benefits of investing in Saffron Estates Homes

The homes are conveniently located to meet all of your shopping needs. 

Saffron Estates residents have quick and convenient access to Fonthill Shopping Centre, Fonthill Marketplace and a wide selection of grocery stores.

From Hwy 406, you’ll be on the road in just 5 minutes to the entire region and reach the QEW in just minutes!

The homes are just 17 minutes from Canada One Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls, and there are also numerous retailers and restaurants along Highway 20.

Brock University is 11 minutes away, and Niagara University is 6 minutes away.

  • Saffron Estates Homes are located near beautiful landscapes and amenities

Saffron Estates is surrounded by parks, walking trails, golf courses, and nature preserves

The property is just 4 minutes from Lathrop Nature Preserve and minutes from Lookout Point Country Club, Saint Johns Conservation Area, Peninsula Lakes Golf Club, and many other recreational facilities.

You’re 20 minutes from Nickel Beach in Port Colborne, 15 minutes from St. Catherine Via Rail, and 22 minutes from Niagara District Airport.

You’re less than 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, which has a fantastic selection of restaurants, attractions, shopping, nightlife, wineries, golf courses, and much more.

  • Next steps

Why wait and miss out on this opportunity?

Click on the “Buy Now” option to speak with us. We aim to help you acquire the best quality properties to live in, rent out or sell later.

We know you’re thinking about buying real estate. But the truth is, every day you put off investing in Saffron Estates, you’re leaving money on the table, and we all could beat inflation with a growing investment. Right?

So reach out now, and we’ll guide you through the process.


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