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Leader in Ontario Real Estate (Buying, Selling, Investment and Lease/Rental Properties)

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The Team Realty Bulls is a leader in Resale and Preconstruction Real Estate in Ontario. We have used our years of experience and expertise to build a solid team of professional, dedicated, & expert top producers in real estate services. We are passionate realtors working in and around Greater Toronto Area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality real estate services through our dedication to professionalism, integrity and teamwork. We are committed to providing our clients with the most uptodate information and market trends.

Our Values

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality real estate services possible. We are dedicated to our clients and their needs, and always work in their best interests.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most successful real estate team in the Greater Toronto Area, providing our clients with the highest quality of service and support. We will be known for our professionalism, expertise and dedication to our clients success.

Our Resources

Our Resources include experienced real estate agents with intimate knowledge and Our extensive network of industry contacts, cuttingedge marketing and technology tools and proven track record of success.

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If you want the best care possible for your real estate needs, our certified professionals are here to help

Suman Chakrabarti

Sales Representative, Save Max Bulls Realty
Team Success welcomes Suman Chakrabarti to our ever-growing group of “Superstars. ...
13 listings

Mohsin Shaikh

Director of Sales, Preconstruction Real Estate (Broker, Save Max Bulls Realty)
Mohsin truly believes that every challenge can be converted into an opportunity. As a newc ...

Sid Sarkar

Broker of Record, Save Max Bulls Realty
Meet Sid, A broker you can relate to; he is extremely easygoing, honest, and accessible an ...

Dua Mansoor

Sales Representative, Save Max Bulls Realty
Dua Mansoor’s knowledge, honesty, integrity, and fairness have been evident throughout her ...


Here is what our clients have to say about our services !

Happy Buyer
Amazing Brokerage, great market reach, and knowledge. Excellent with client focus, dedication, and attention to detail. Kudos to Sid & Mohsin for their hard work and professionalism. Bought my 1st home in Canada from The Realty Bulls, and what an excellent recommendation on the market, area, and the project that suited our needs. They believe in genuine analysis as purchasing a home is much more than a Google search, be it the 1st home or investment, we did both and many more to come 🙂
Harleen Dhot
Happy Buyer
Mohsin is a highly dedicated, and hard-working realtor who goes above and beyond for his clients. He treats them like a family. Apart from being prompt and proactive in his work, he obtains a profound knowledge in his work as an expert. He and his amazing team are always ready to help!! I have loved doing business with him and Team Realty Bulls! Hence, I would (without any doubt) strongly refer them to anyone who is looking to buy their new home or an investment property with confidence.
Jaymin Thakkar
Happy Buyer
Sid & Mohsin - these 2 smart & extraordinary DUO are amazing to work with. They have been finding good deals in difficult market. Realtor is not who get you the deal but is the one who help you to get the correct deal. These 2 have always work closely, understand our needs, transparent & most important they have said NO when time or property is not right fit for us. Thank you for honesty & a great service. I would strongly recommend The Realty Bulls for your any real estate needs. Keep up the good work. Cheers. !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with rules, laws and other important information relating to your property.

For the past five years, The Realty Bulls Team has been successful in representing our clients. Being one of the leading real estate teams in Toronto and beyond, The Realty Bulls have the ability to effectively promote your property both locally and regionally. They have access to qualified buyers and investors from all over Canada, which puts them in a good position to find the right buyer for your property, and for top dollar. If you are looking to buy anywhere in Canada, they can assist you by connecting you with the right team member in your desired area and help you purchase your dream property almost anywhere in the region. We are the leader in GTA Real Estate Market with a proven track record of excellent & unbeatable customer care service.

When the number of available properties exceeds the number of property buyers, a buyer’s market emerges. This situation puts the buyer in an advantageous position, as it offers them more options and a stronger negotiating position while making an offer.

When the number of interested buyers surpasses the number of available properties, a seller’s market develops. In a real estate seller’s market, the seller holds a stronger negotiating position, resulting in more multiple-offer situations, higher prices, and quicker home sales.

Your property may possess all the desirable features and even be situated in an excellent location, but an incorrect price could result in waiting around for an uncertain offer. Accurately pricing your property, using market analysis and comparative sales, is crucial. It can also aid you in obtaining a stronger negotiating position. Our Team can assist you in determining the appropriate price for your property through professional market analysis.

As a buyer, you are not required to compensate your real estate sales representative, which is good news. Instead, the seller is responsible for the costs associated with selling their property. Nonetheless, you may need to factor in certain expenses, such as land transfer tax, property inspection, deed or mortgage registration, legal fees and disbursements, closing adjustments, home and property insurance, moving expenses, and connection charges for gas, electrical, and water. 

Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval puts you in a stronger negotiating position once you find your ideal property. Moreover, you can assess what you can afford before becoming enamoured with a property that is beyond your budget. Our Team can help connect you with qualified and experienced mortgage specialists.

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Despite well over $1 billion in combined sales, however, the team strives to maintain an air of humility and discretion

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